My name is Sara and I am a Personal trainer and the owner of Fit For Everyone on the New South Wales, Central Coast. Over the past 20 years in the fitness industry I have worked in kids fitness, aerobics, strength training,  outdoor group training, mums with bubs group fitness, boxing classes, one on one training (personal training) and weight loss. It doesn’t matter which area of fitness I work in there are similarities to them all.

I have always been passionate about health and fitness and felt as I progressed my aim is to educate people of all walks of life the importance of looking after themselves.  Its never too early or too late.

As a mother of 4 children it was more important than ever for me to lead by example so they grow up with an understanding of the importance of health and fitness.

I have learned along the way that moderation is the key.  You shouldn’t have to give up all those special treats you love but keep them more as a reward for all your hard work you put in each day. 

Of course I understand that its not always easy to develop those good habits and most importantly to keep yourself on track.  Having 4 kids I gained weight and had to be strict on myself to get my body back into shape.  When I was younger I used to be a smoker so that was another hurdle I had to tackle.  It was a challenge to kick the habit but with support and persistence I managed to do it.

Everyones busy these days and finding the time to exercise and to eat properly can be quite a task.  However all is not lost, I have successfully helped  many people incorporate this into their busy schedules and they have achieved great results. 

My belief is that to live a healthy lifestyle you need to work on developing yourself both physically and mentally.  Once you put the regular exercise and healthy eating into practice, its then a matter of maintaining it. With help and support along the way, it makes it easier.

Having a job that is your passion is the most rewarding job anyone can have. When I am able to make people feel better about themselves and achieve their goals, this is the biggest reward I can get.

“YOU are always the most important person and everyone should invest time in themselves.  You only get one chance so make the most of it…”

Sara Kerr – Fit For Everyone